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Sue Evans

From the Chief Chalkie - September Highlights

We're in the middle of an exciting five week Innovator series on face-to-face, blended and online teaching and learning! Since this series is such a big deal (it has pretty much taken over our webinar calendar and blog) we thought it made sense to make it the highlight of our e-newsletter this month.

The response to this series has been wonderful and we are excited to continue examining the many issues around teaching and learning in different environments. In the first session our presenters, each of whom have taught in all three modes, shared their personal success stories. In the session last Friday we uncovered institutional concerns such as affordability, accessibility and learning outcomes. All the webinars have been recorded so if you missed them, be sure to check out the recordings here.

In addition to presenting for the webinar series, many of the educators have also contributed to the SoftChalk blog. If you haven't had a chance to read their blog posts, I highly recommend checking them out - you might even feel inclined to join the conversation by leaving a comment or two. Don't forget, you can also subscribe to our blog through e-mail or your favorite reader so you never miss our blog posts!

Get more information and register for the upcoming Innovator sessions below and then check out the great blog posts from our presenters.

-Sue Evans, SoftChalk CEO

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Teaching F2F, Blended & Online – Week Three: Learning Styles and Best Practices

In this webinar we will discuss Learning Styles and Best Practices. In the process of deciding the mode (online, blended, f2f) for delivering student content, what are learning style concerns and best practices?

Presenters: Julie Nichols and Kristin Johnson, Northeast Lakeview College; Trish Ritschel-Trifilo, Wayland Baptist University; James Brown, Ocean County College

Friday, September 21

12:00pm ET http://www.softchalk.com/webinar/#innovators

Teaching F2F, Blended & Online – Week Four: Discipline Differences

This webinar will ask the question – Are different disciplines more effectively taught through one mode or another? What are the differences when teaching online in the sciences, in technology or for professional development?

Presenters: Lisa Dubic, Niagara County Community College; James May, Valencia College; James Brown, Ocean County College

Friday, September 28

12:00pm ET http://www.softchalk.com/webinar/#innovators

Teaching F2F, Blended & Online – Week Five: Hard Data on Learning Outcomes

This final webinar in the series will discuss hard data and ask if there is evidence that teaching online produces better learning outcomes? Is teaching online more an issue of cost and access or does it produce better results?

Presenters: Julie Nichols and Kristin Johnson, Northeast Lakeview College; James Brown, Ocean County College

Friday, October 5

12:00pm ET http://www.softchalk.com/webinar/#innovators
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Check Out the Chatter on SoftChalk Talk

Several presenters from the five week series have written blog posts on various issues surrounding face-to-face, blended and online teaching and learning for the SoftChalk blog. Read the descriptions below and click on the titles to read the full posts on SoftChalk Talk.

Dr. James May
Becoming Digital Ambassadors - Students have mobile devices, why not put them to good use? Learn why educators need to embrace technology and become "digital tour guides" within their fields.

Trish Ritschel-Trifilo
How is State Authorization Serving Our Students? Despite the DOE reversing their position, distance education state authorization laws still exist, and states are still likely to enforce authorization laws if they have the manpower, especially those who see major dollar signs. What is a university to do?

Dr. Stephen Holland

Requiring All Students to Connect with Tutors - Students may grumble at first, but the advantages far out-weigh the disadvantages and students will quickly see the wisdom of this requirement.

Allowing Online Students an Early Start - Giving students access to their courses before the semester starts can help them be more prepared and in turn, more successful.

Jim Brown
Dr. James Brown
From Face-to-Face to the Cloud - One educator's 14 year journey from in online education

Dr. Diane Painter
Special Education Teacher Training: Distance Vs. in the Classroom - Diane explores which method of delivery works best for special education teacher training.
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SoftChalk + Common Core State Standards

We would like to develop an Innovator series and case studies that feature SoftChalk users who are using the metadata feature in SoftChalk to map to Common Core State Standards. In addition, we are looking to further develop the metadata feature and would like your input. If you'd like to be featured or provide insight for these projects, please contact learnmore@softchalk.com.

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Video Tutorials
Within minutes, you can master SoftChalk by viewing our step-by-step video tutorials. There are over 35 short, sweet and focused videos available so you can pick and choose just the ones you need to get your eLearning content online quickly and easily. http://softchalk.com/learn-more/video-tutorials.

Short Courses
Check out our FREE online training sessions! SoftChalk Short Courses are live, one-hour training webinars, conducted online by a SoftChalk instructor. The courses typically include a presentation and examples, as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive assistance from the instructor. For more information or to register, go to http://softchalk.com/learn-more/short-courses.

Innovator Sessions
SoftChalk’s Innovators in Online Learning webinar series highlights educators who are using SoftChalk in innovative ways. Take a look at what all the excitement is about by checking out some of the previously recorded sessions or sign up for an upcoming webinar. http://softchalk.com/learn-more/innovators.

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