Final Points to Ponder

At this point, you should be able to describe the wine making process, properly taste wine, describe differences between varieties of wine, and appropriately pair food and wine. In addition, you must always remember the following: Food and wine pairing is an art, not a science, and you should always select combinations that appeal to you. Keeping this in mind will enable you to confidently order and purchase wine in every situation. Just to be sure, here are four food and wine pairing scenarios for your consideration (possible answers are provided below).


Scenario 1: Imagine yourself in a fine steakhouse known for its mouth-watering filet mignon. When the sommelier asks what wine you will be having with dinner, what will you say? Why?

Scenario 2: Picture yourself at a delicious seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean. You've decided to order the halibut and cream sauce special for your meal. What wine will you pair with your fish? Why?

Scenario 3: You and your significant other decide to have Chinese take-out for dinner. You stop at the local wine store on your way home to pick up a bottle to have with your meal. What wine will you purchase? Why?

Scenario 4: You are celebrating your friend's birthday at his favorite Italian restaurant, and you have been given the responsibility of ordering a bottle of wine for the table. What will your selection be? Why?

Possible Answers to the Scenarios:

Scenario 1: Perhaps you chose to pair a full-bodied red such as a zinfandel or cabernet sauvignon with the filet mignon. Maybe you considered the tannins in these red wines and decided the protein of the meat would coat your mouth and make the wine tannins seem soft and smooth.

Scenario 2: Perhaps you chose chardonnay because your meal is a seafood with a rich sauce.

Scenario 3: Perhaps you chose gewürztraminer because you are eating highly spiced Szechuan dishes.

Scenario 4: Perhaps you chose chianti because you were thinking regionally.

Remember, it doesn't matter which wine and food pairings you choose as long as your selections taste good to you.